"How Copper gets its patina   Oil on canvas 2016 48"x40" yasami 2017 ©

Yasami Artwork in Forest Whitaker new Movie hip hop feature "ROXANNE, ROXANNE" see GLASS GARDEN Painting bellow.
For many years I have dealt with gravitational force as the drama in my work; for example creating the illusion of forcing a rod to bend or a sphere to fall out of its position of balance and strength.
My latest artwork takes on a new meaning in setting up my new studio I acquired awareness of my environment and the history surrounding American Indian builders all around me. My new observatory deals with tangible stones and figures harmonizing with intangible clouds, light and shadow.
" Painting WORKSHOP" May- August 2017  Saturday & Sundays 10am-5pm

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"Glass Garden   Giclee Print on Paper  24"x36" yasami 2017

"Balancing Act   Giclee Print on Paper  24"x36" yasami 2016 ©

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2015- 2017     Adjunct prof. of Art, Figure drawing and Painting Gila community college, Payson AZ
1985 - 1986    Visiting Distinguished Associate Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1980 - 1983    Assistant Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1978 - 1979    Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Author Jerry Lynn Vanier... Portrait of a painter      

"View of Granite Dells from my Northern Arizona Art Studio 2004-2015"   Masoud Yasami  © 2015

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