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Paintings of Masoud YASAMI
Masoud Yasami abstract multi-dimensional works deal with space, color, illusionism of
balance and chaos. Embracing many mediums and materials, Yasami works with acrylic
oil paint, airbrush, paper, canvas and Bronze, transforming and constructing shapes into
an illusion of realism that is about classical objects, clouds and skies that are painted to
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Yasami Artwork in Forest Whitaker new Movie hip hop feature "ROXANNE, ROXANNE"
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"Glass Garden   Giclee Print on Paper  24"x36" yasami 2017

"Balancing Act   Giclee Print on Paper  24"x36" yasami 2016

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Solo exhibitions

"Arizona Cloud "OIL on canvas   16" x 20" 2016 Copyright protected 1968-2016 Masoud Yasami. All Rights Reserved.

"Composition with a Lariat "Acrylic on canvas   144" x 66" 2005 Copyright protected 1968-2016 Masoud Yasami. All Rights Reserved.

Masoud Yasami "model reading " pencil drawing on paper 1971  24" x 20" 2005 Copyright protected 1968-2014 Masoud Yasami. All Rights Reserved.

2 nudes fast sketch    acrylic, conte crayon on paper  11" x 9" 1990

Bowing figure and stone   acrylic, oil on canvas  52" x 52" 1990

" Composition with ocean and glass " acrylic/oil on canvas   68" x 148" 2008

" Path of time " acrylic/oil on canvas   140" x 66" 2003

" Pagesky with stand " ink/acrylic/oil on canvas   32" x 48" 2009

"man on edge in desert" prism color on paper   27" x 23" 1979

"Blancing act "Bronze Sculpture  marble base  12" x 14 x8" 2008

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