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Masoud Yasami
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IBM, New York

"wave"    Yasami 1979 Utah Museum of Art Exhibition   Salt Lake City, Utah  February 1979   Acrylic/wood panel 72" x 240"
collection of Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Samuel Dorsky Museum, NY
Empress Farah Pahlavi, Iran
Wynn Resort Art Collection
Pfizer Corp. New York
Bank of America
The ASU Art Museum, Arizona
Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Utah
Yuma Museum of Art, arizona
Tehran Museum of Fine Arts, Iran
J.P. Morgan/Chase Bank, NY
Tucson Museum of Fine Art, AZ
Prudential Life Insurance
Rolm Corporation
Qwest Communications
Visa of America
Saks Fifth Avenue
Morehead State University
University of Wisconsin
Frederick Weiseman Collection
Forbes Collection
General Motors
Hughes Art Collection
Mayo Clinic
Kerman Museum of Art

"ILLUSIONISM of MASOUD YASAMI" 1979     Phoenix Art Museum Exhibition   Phoenix, Arizona January 1979   Proposed Drawings Construction of Acrylic/wood panels
72" x 60" In collection of artist


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